Winner of Hollywood Bev. Hills NAACP Award Best One Man Show. 

# 1 Solo show in the United States and Caribbean.

About Stogie Kenyatta

Creator of “The World Is My Home – The life of Paul Robeson.”

Welcome to the official website of “The World is my Home-The Life of Paul Robeson” written & preformed by Stogie Kenyatta.

Stogie Kenyatta is a Jamaican born-Brooklyn bred Actor, Writer, Comedian & Speaker. He has over 20 TV & Film Credits, has co-headlined USO Tours in Tokyo & Okinawa as a comedian and toured his acclaimed Broadway style Solo show around the globe & the USA.


The World is My Home – The Life of Paul Robeson

Created and Performed by Stogie Kenyatta

Welcome to the official website of “The World is my Home – The Life of Paul Robeson” written & performed by Stogie Kenyatta. This is the number 1 touring One Man Show in the United States, the Caribbean & Central America. This is the most requested Multi- Cultural Educational show on the American & Caribbean Educational Circuit & the favorite on the topics of Diversity, Compassion, African pride,  Social Justice & the music of the Harlem Renaissance.   This entertaining, laugh out loud, music filled show  with audience participation, covering his friendships with Albert Einstein, Dubois, Langston Hughes, Cab Calloway, Jomo Kenyatta, Kwame Nkrumah & many others who contributed to the cultural movement known as the Harlem Renaissance.  

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SANTA MONICA PLAYHOUSE for being our Resident West Coast home. Evelyn Rudie, Chris DeCarlo, Sandra Zeitzew and the wonderful staff.

ACADEMY THEATER in Atlanta, – Lorenne Fey & Robert Drake & Staff.

BERKELEY BLACK REP. in Berkeley, California – Dr. Mona Scott.

BLACK SPECTRUM THEATER – Carl Clay of the in Queens, N.Y.

For your decades of tireless dedication to live theater & being my resident homes in the North, South, East & West & supporting my show when the applause wasn’t so loud & the lights didn’t shine so bright.