May 6th, 2010


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Santa Monica Playhouse

SUNDAYFeb. 21st7:00 PM

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Houston Comm College 

Wed. Feb. 24th –  Heinen Theatre  

 Thurs. Feb. 25th – San Jacinto Aud. 

6 pm – 8pm



The number One Man Broadway style Solo Show on the U.S. and Caribbean College circuit. Using Theater as a vehicle for Social change. This show about the triumph & tragedy of this mistreated American genius not only promotes diversity, brotherhood and education but also challenges us to examine the notion that “since the world is our home & we share a common humanity;  it’s imperative that men learn to live as Brothers.”

Powerful & poignant, entertaining & educational, heartfelt & humorous, the show celebrates this common Humanity, as Robeson fights globally for Social Justice for Blacks, Jews, Welsh & Spanish workers.     From the horrors of the Slave Trade, to the shame of the Holocaust. From the artistic wonders of the Harlem Renaissance, the Jazz- Bebop era. To McCarthyism, Blacklists, Racism & oppression. Robeson shows us that in spite of our differences; we still have more in common than we do in conflict.

This show & the lively Q & A that follows; like Robeson’s life; serves as a Cultural Ambassador inspiring us to greater achievement & a more noble life. Robeson paid the price for leading from the front, rather than pushing from behind. This descendant of rebellious slaves, who graduated Valedictorian in 1919 from Rutgers U & got a Law Degree from Columbia a few years later. An All-American Football player who played in early NFL, was later blackballed, had his passport revoked & silenced by HUAC. He stood tall & took the blows for those of us handicapped by ignorance or subdued by tyranny. For those who arrived in shackles & on bloody feet, surviving the nightmare so that others could live the dream.

Paul Robeson was a symbol of our developing manhood; armed with nothing more than the strength of his convictions & his vision of a World where men live as brothers. His Message was his Life.

The goal of the play is to awaken a new generation so that the lost brilliance of Robeson doesn’t remain lost. To let all people know; that the best of Paul Robeson lives in all of you & with it the power to change the World.”

~ Stogie Amir Kenyatta

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Studies show Multi cultural education increases social responsibility,  cultural    
diversity, tolerance & student involvement.  It is even more important because today’s students are living in the most ethnically, socially & culturally diverse educational environments in history.   The most popular music, arts, literature, clothing, sports, TV, Film or social media, around the world is American.   Americans have invented every form of music on the planet earth with the exception of Opera, Classical & Reggae. On almost every Continent; we are the dominant culture in the world. Not because of bombs & bullets, but Arts & Culture.

 Paul Robeson said “Nations may go to war; but it’s Arts & Culture that unites us”.   “This show not only explores his love for the Jewish, African, Welsh & Spanish people, but it reminds us all; “If we accept the fatherhood of God; we must accept the brotherhood of man”  .

 There was a time in worlds history when every couple decades the entire globe would get together & have a World War & say “let’s kill our brothers”.  The 2 largest military conflicts in human history were WWI & WWII.  Over 90 million people died over 62 million of those were civilians.    After  WW2, a world weary of fighting & death, now demanded entertainment & turned to the musicians, singers, dancers, poets and social intellectuals from that Cultural movement known  as the “Harlem Renaissance”.   Negro artists flooded the stages, night clubs & Cabarets of Europe, creating a new Black identity & showing the world our common humanity; only then did a chance for a lasting peace exist.  America’s unwanted step-child, brokenhearted & despised in their own land, found the fame & fortune denied them in America;  when their artistry allowed the world to see their brilliance & embrace their humanity.   

Today’s advances in technology allows us to operate a Drone and kill masses of humanity thousands of miles away.  We need to educate a new generation of students that know intuitively that “just because they can;  doesn’t mean they should”.  

This is the goal of my show & the multicultural arts education series.  To celebrate & embrace  our diverse yet common humanity.  

I thank you for your support & donations to bring this program to underfunded schools & I look forward to working with you.  

Stogie Kenyatta